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lead-free nitrogen wave soldering machines

ETA is the factory of wave soldering machine,wave solder,leadfree wave soldering system.ETA provide wave soldering machine W2,W3 and other series,Provide the best solutions and equipment with wave slodering machine, best wave technical support and after service.

Lead-free wave soldering machine 
● Nitrogen protection system
The nitrogen flow control and oxygen analysis system panel design, easy to observe, easy to adjust;
N2 consumption of the preheating zone and the weld zone can be adjusted separately to obtain the O2 content of 600ppm or less, in 20 ~ 30m3 / h consumption.
● width adjustment system
Width-modulated worm structure, auto-width simply enter the the PCB width to auto-complete; ≤ 0.2 mm width error.
● automatically into the panel system
Automatically into the plate system with automatic tensioning function effectively eliminate the the rail bending deformation caused by heat Peng Zhang; with automatic rail connection, and out of smooth, unique design.
● Spray System
The spray system uses a motor / cylinder control, spray speed automatically with PCB width and Transport speed be adjusted to ensure the uniformity of the spray.
● a full range of SIEMENS temperature control system
Electrical full set of Germanys Siemens PLC, temperature module self-tuning, automatic cold junction compensation, each zone temperature self-tuning PID control, temperature control in the +1 ° C
● preheating system (unique duct)
Preheating system uses five paragraphs full of hot air to heat + complement thermal systems, thermal permeability, which can meet single, lead-free technology curve multilayer PCB into the The tin furnace temperature fall in the range ≤ 5 ° C to reduce thermal shock; Removable independent air duct, a special heating element, high thermal efficiency, easy maintenance.
● Excellent forced cooling system
The cooling system uses forced transport wind cooling zone design to meet lead-free processes; fully heat exchange; optional forced cooling (water-cooled).
● tin furnace / tin furnace trolley system
New large-capacity corrosion resistant titanium alloy furnace structure to adapt to lead-free processes, long life, high thermal stability, oxidation ≤ 2kg (8h). Casting wave source generator and the impeller (patented design) to ensure highly uniform and stable volatility. The tin furnace car, automatic lift, automatic access, convenient, with multiple sensors interlock device, to prevent misuse damage to the machine.
● angle adjusting system
Automatic angle adjustment system, simply input angle adjustment parameters, auto-complete the the PCB welding angle adjustment
● impeller, wave source generator
Patent design: Casting wave source generator and impeller to ensure highly uniform and stable volatility

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