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Leadfree Wave Soldering Machine

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wave soldering machine loader Show Details
Name: wave soldering machine loader
Model: wave soldering machine loader
Keywords: wave soldering machine,loader
Brief: wave soldering machine loader,Loader Item Name Specifications 1 size (L)1000*(W)760*(H) 750±20mm 2 Pcb width 50-350mm(adjustable) 3 PCB dir...
THT Equipment Wave soldering Show Details
Name: THT Equipment Wave soldering
Model: THT Equipment Wave soldering
Keywords: Wave soldering
Brief: THT Equipment Wave soldering,Features>> ◇ Touch screen + PLC controlling unit , easy and reliable operation. ◇ External streamline design and mod...
Wave Soldering Show Details
Name: Wave Soldering
Model: Wave Soldering
Keywords: Wave Soldering
Brief: Wave Soldering,Automatic wave solder system Best value through cutting-edge technology Ready-to-go fluxing, preheating and wave modules Quick ROI (Re...
bench lead-free wave Show Details
Name: Bench lead-free wave
Model: bench lead-free wave
Keywords: Lead-free wave
Brief: bench lead-free wave,Touch screen and PLC for controlling system make machine very stable. Can save more than 50 groups parameters include temperature...
Mid-sized Lead-free Wave Show Details
Name: Mid-sized Lead-free Wave
Model: Mid-sized Lead-free Wave
Keywords: Lead-free Wave
Brief: Mid-sized Lead-free Wave,An optional center PCB support rail can be added to maintain planarity and to prevent sagging of oversize boards through the ...
Super Lead-free Wave solder Show Details
Name: Super Lead-free Wave solder
Model: Super Lead-free Wave solder
Keywords: Wave solder
Brief: Super Lead-free Wave solder,●PC and PLC for controlling system make machine very stable. Can save numerous groups parameters include temperature inf...
Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine Show Details
Name: Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine
Model: Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine
Keywords: Wave Soldering
Brief: Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine,1. Windows XP Platform, Chinese & English Billingual Interface, User Friendly. 2. PLC + Commercial Computer Control...
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