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Lead-Free Wave Soldering System

Name: Lead-Free Wave Soldering System
Name: Wave soldering machine
Model: Lead-Free Wave Soldering System

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Product name:  Lead-Free Wave Soldering System Series
Product model: W3
Product features:
● Transfer system
The transfer system uaea sectional floating to prevent deformation of transportation rail.Non-stick titanium fingers design and
directly connected to assure smooth PCB loading.
● Spray fluxer system
Spray fluxer unit has integrated the mechanical moving boby,gas and electrical into one unit,and fast connect controller.New
precision spray nozzle efficient and even spraying, meeting the needs of water soluble soldering fluxes.
● Preheating zone
Preheating system consists of three nergysaving drawer tructurepreheating zones using hot air and infrared heating tube,
allows electionof mixed preheating mode and ensure temperature stability.

technical parameter:

Fingers: New Design Double-hook Type,Spring Pressing Finger,D-40 Type Finger,Double-hook Finger.

Exhaust: Top exhaust+Side exhaust
Preheating Mode: Convection/IR emitter
Preheating Zone Number: 3
PCB Width: 50-350
Conveyor Speed(mm/min): 500-1800
Cooling Method: Air Cooling Option:Water Cooling

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