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THT Wave Solder

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★ Control System
Mitsubishi touch screen + PLC + SSR control, man-machine conversation function, with parameters set,functional operation, production counts and other functions.
★ transportation system
Width modulated using worm-type structure, stable and accurate adjustment easy. Synchronization into theplate feeder, rail using a special process designed to prevent the rail deformation; titaniumtransport claws, enhanced wear-resistant stainless steel anti-distortion device, titanium claw automatictensioning, no deformation.
★ spray system
SMC cylinder control system uses a spray, spray-speed automatic with the PCB to adjust the width andspeed of transportation, the use of imported high-precision nozzles, to ensure uniformity of spray. Optionalflux recovery system, to ensure environmental health.
★ preheating system
Sec preheating system using infrared preheating system, optional three-stage warm-up ETA patentedcomposite structure; modular design, precise temperature control to meet single or multilayer lead-freetechnology curve, reducing the thermal shock; can demolition independent air duct, and easy maintenance.
★ tin furnace
Stainless Steel SUS316L lead furnace, long life, high thermal stability (optional titanium furnace). Patentednozzle design, the amount of oxidation ≤ 2kg (8h), for Sn / Ag / Cu, Sn / Cu lead-free solder and otherwelding process, a unique collection of dross design, easy maintenance, tin furnace temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃. Peak frequency stepless speed control, slow start-up design, so that when the waves from the more stable, more flat crest.
★ cooling system
The use of forced air cooling, the upper and lower convection zone design, the cooling speed of up to 6-8 ℃ / s.


THT Wave Solder,★ Control System

Mitsubishi touch screen + PLC + SSR control, man-machine conversation function, with parameters set,functional operation, production counts and other functions.

★ transportation system

Width modulated using worm-type structure, stable and accurate adjustment easy. Synchronization into theplate feeder, rail using a special process designed to prevent the rail deformation; titaniumtransport claws, enhanced wear-resistant stainless steel anti-distortion device, titanium claw automatictensioning, no deformation.