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Wave Solder

Wave Solder

Designed for budget conscious assemblers with intermediate to heavy throughput requirements, Model 28.400 wave solder machine comes standard with a number of advanced features. The wave solder system features an auto-cleaning titanium finger conveyor with motorized width adjustment that handles PCBs up to 15.75" (400 mm) wide. The internal, automatic spray fluxing system includes a precision, low-pressure atomizer. The highly stable, 4.2' (1300 mm) convection preheater activates fluxes while prepping the assembly for soldering temperatures. The 28.400 wave solder machine also includes a high-capacity 370 kg (816 lbs. approximate weight for lead free solder), lead-free-ready titanium-alloy solder pot and color LCD touch-panel control, with all parts backed by a one-year warranty.

1, the device is suitable for long-legged welding and SMD components soldering, streamlineddesign, beautiful appearance,
2, for the most advanced lead-free soldering processes, reduce pollution, meet the requirements ofenvironmental protection industry, welding industry development Must be the trend.
3, two extended preheat zone, preheat a smooth curve, to ensure that PCB heat evenly, without distortion.
4, a smart auto-tracking spray systems, spray area with the PCB area automatically adjusts to ensure thatthe PCB surface flux
Agent evenly coated.
5, using the Mitsubishi FX series PLC. Equipped with automatic speed tracking code, spray time with the PCB transport speed changes.


Wave Solder,1, the device is suitable for long-legged welding and SMD components soldering, streamlineddesign, beautiful appearance,

2, for the most advanced lead-free soldering processes, reduce pollution, meet the requirements ofenvironmental protection industry, welding industry development Must be the trend.

3, two extended preheat zone, preheat a smooth curve, to ensure that PCB heat evenly, without distortion.